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Latest technology high-quality pure water machine

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Latest technology high-quality pure water machine, adopt barrier separation method to wipe off ion, organic substances, colloidal particle, bacteria and so on, make the raw water desalted. The theory is that solvent in strong solution through RO membrane to the dilute solution under ambient pressure. Inlet water pressure ,temperature, PH value and salinity can affect the RO membrane's function. Original water under enough pressure goes through the RO membrane and becomes pure water

Model: RO-1000I(50000L/H)
Capacity of pure water:  50000L/H  25℃
General power: 56 KW
Electrical power: AC 380V 120A 50Hz
RO membranes: CPA2 8040 54pcs
Multi-phases pump: CR64-7(Groundfos Brand)
Beforehand filter:  ф2300×2500×δ6.0 2 items
PP sediment membranes filter: ф500×1000×δ2.0 2items
Booster pump: CR64-2-1
Active carbon filter: 2400Kg
Quartz sand filter: 7500Kg

RO membrane auto wash and manual wash; RO membranes manual wash

with medicine;Pure water height water level auto stop, low water

level auto start;Multi-stage pump protected without water; protected

when no power,poor power,large electricalcurrent,short circuit,

creepage of electricity and so on.


main machine:6500×1500×2000

Beforehand filter:7000×2300×3800


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