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Guangdong Jiangmen high precision automatic liquid filling machine

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Sachet water filling machine is high precision packing machine and the most advanced liquid compound packing machine in China, which is standing, three side sealing and intermittent. 

It is widely used for various kinds of liquid packaging, Such as, milk, soybean milk, fruit juice, beverage, ice drink, soy sauce, vinegar and wine.It uses single lay film PE as packaging materials. It can automatically sterilized by ultraviolet radiation,bag molding,print the code,precisely fill,seal and cut at one time .This series has been long-tested and its performance enjoys a very high reputation from our clients that this series is easy to operat and run smoothly with low failure rate.


1.Bag (sachet )-forming and easy for bag cutting 
2. UV sterilization for the water and packaging into bag
3. Thermal vertical sealing bag  
4. Date lamination in the bag water
5. Linear bag traction 
6. quantitative filling water 
7. Thermal transverse sealing the bag 
8. Bag-cutting 
9. Automatic counting sachet filling machine


Main Technological Data
Model KN-ZF-1000
Production Capacity 1500-2200BAGS/H
Filing Range 100-500ML(1000ML Can be custom-made)
Voltage AC220V/50HZ AC380V
Paper-offering Motor 250W/220V
Power of Hot Sealing vertical sealing 300W
horizontal sealing 500W
Main Moter Power 370W/380V/220V
Overall Dimension 1000 x 800 x 2000MM
Weight 400KG

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