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Guangdong Jiangmen full automatic plastic bottle making machine

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Mineral Water full automatic plastic bottle making machine is for molding the PET, PE, PC materials Plastic bottles.the bottles can be used in beverage drinks, and other Liquid packing product.

Main Technological Data
Model  CM-A4
Productivity Depend on bottle design 3200-3600PCS/H
Product type Body diameter 20mm-100mm
Height 50mm-350mm
Neck diameter 15mm-38mm
Mold CAvity 4cacities
Mold thick 240mm
Mold 500*500mm
Main machine power Electrical source 380V 3Phase/220V 3Phase 50/60HZ
Power 49KW
Really use power 14KW
Air source LP air compressor 1.6m³/min 1.0Mpa 1set (15KW)
HP air compressor 1.0m³/min 3.0Mpa 2sets (each set 11KW)
Air dryer 2.0m³/min 3.0Mpa 1set
Cooling water Cooling water 15L/min
Size L*W*H 1908*1858*1920mm
Weight   3600kg
Auxiliary equipment(pre-formunscrambler) L*W*H 276*106*186mm
Weight 250kg
Rosin available   PET



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