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Products FAQ

Q: Can I buy direct from the factory?
A: Yes.
But Germany, Australia, New Zealand & Russia we have agent for 5models.
If you from there marketing, We will let them contact with you. 

Q: Are you the supplier for Genuine Fostream Parts?
A: Yes we are the supplier for Genuine Fostream Parts.    

Q: I need service on my machine; who do I call?
A: Call our service Direct Line +86 137 5032 1096 Or send e-mail jmangel@jmangel.com (you will get reply not more than              4hours.)We also have office for Germany, Australia, New Zealand & Russia.

Q: Where can I learn how to make ice cream and other frozen desserts?
  1;We have Video by Youtobe ( Learn is so easy 15~25minutes Only)
  2; We will gladly instruct you on how to run your new machine and supply you with all the necessary formulations.

We provide Two(2) year warranty for our machines and any service required by you during this period.